Commence by creating a new article in the usual way. Add a title and tags (optional).

Add an introductory text.

Deliniate it with a page break. There is a button below the editor.


Upload the Document File

  • Position the editing cursor where the document file should appear.
  • RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON click and select INSERT FILE from the context menu

screenshot mbea 01 resized

 As the default I like to place documents into a specific folder. In this case, the documents folder

Click the documents folder to open it

Click the Upload button  (between the NEW FOLDER and HELP buttons)

At this point you can either drag and drop the file onto the upload form or you can use the BROWSE button function to use the file manager:


 screenshot 02 1024

 When the file or files you want to upload are on the form, click the UPLOAD button

Once uploaded the file should appear & selected in the file browser:



screenshot 03 1024

Click on the file name so it appears in the URL field at the top of the form

Give it a title (optional)

Set the dimensions to 100% and 1000 << this means the width of the displayed article is 100%. The height is 1000 pixels. You can vary these to suit. Sometimes a width of about 90% works better

Set the alignment to the CENTRE

Set a margin. 8 or 12 is good. If EQUALIZE is checked you only need to specify the TOP value



The document should appear: