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Leigh Abberton

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Leigh is a qualified Chartered Accountant and has been working in the finance industry in various roles for over 15 years. Leigh joined the Credit Union industry in 2007 and has held a variety of positions including Finance Manager. During this time Leigh has been responsible for the Credit Union’s support functions: finance, treasury, collections, loans and human resources.

Recently Leigh has moved into a Strategy position to assist with developing and implementing a future business model, leading her organisation with innovation projects, improved products and services, and alternate growth strategies for long term sustainability.

With recent developments resulting in a merger of Quay Credit Union and G&C Mutual Bank, Leigh is now Senior Manager of Business Improvement within the merged entity, responsible for the overall continuous improvement of various areas of the business through process efficiencies, cost reductions and is required to provide Strategic Initiatives and oversight to various projects and functions.

Prior to joining the Credit Union industry, Leigh’s professional background included 7 years working as a Chartered Accountant in a large International Chartered firm, specialising in auditing of financial institutions.

Leigh is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and Australian Mutuals Institute.

Marc Zarifa

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Marc has 15 years’ experience in the Credit Union Industry and has worked in both back office administration and frontline customer service roles.

During Marc’s first three years at SCU he worked as a Member Support Officer and then in March 2005 he was afforded an opportunity to join the Human Resources Team as the Human Resources Coordinator.  Marc’s role as the Human Resources Coordinator sees him being exposed to all facets of HR which includes, but is not limited to: recruitment and selection, orientation and onboarding, employee relations and industrial relations matters, workers compensation matters, performance management etc. 

Marc is dual degree accredited with a Master in Industrial Relations & Human Resource Management from Sydney University and a Bachelor of Commerce (Management) from the University of Western Sydney.  

Having been with SCU since 21 years of age, Marc is most passionate about both the recognition and promotion of Young Leaders in the mutual industry.  This passion recently saw him undertake a Board sanctioned Strategic project to develop and successfully implement a leadership development initiative at SCU that was particularly focused on employees in lower to mid-level management roles and preparing them for potential succession planning to Senior Management.  The outcome of this project was the introduction of the SCU Future Leaders Program which launched in July 2016. Marc currently serves as the Chair of SCU’s Work Health & Safety Committee and is a member of the Australasian Mutuals Institute.

Mary Reid

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Mary has been the Secretary of the MBEA for over 30 years. 

Mary has been the Manager Association Management, AFEI, for many years and has been managing Associations for 30 plus years.  During this time she has worked with many industries, including Cemeteries and Crematoria, Funeral Directors, Charitable sector, Demolition, Earthmoving, Blast Cleaning, to name a few.


Tracey Jackson

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Tracey has worked in the finance industry for 24 years, commencing in retail banking in the UK in 1989 before migrating to Australia in 2000 where she commenced employment in the Credit Union industry in 2002.

Commencing in the Branch Network Tracey transferred into the Talent Management Department in 2003.

Tracey is an experienced professional with an established knowledge of generalist human resources including industrial and employee relations. As the Talent Manager, Tracey heads the Talent Management department which is responsible for all Human Resources Operations across the organisation.

Tracey has been a councillor of the Association since 2014.

About MBEA Councillors

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The Association has an elected Executive Council made up of Senior Officers of Member organisations.

The Executive Council meets regularly to discuss and represent the interests of members at a broad level.  Please note, the Executive Council does not become involved in individual industrial issues.


Leigh Abberton


Mark Zarifa

Deputy President

MAry Reid


Joanne O'Donnell


Rosanna Argall


Tracey Jackson