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Benefits of Membership:

For more than 40 years, the MBEA (formerly known as the ACUEA) has provided members with a forum to raise and discuss issues of common concern to our particular industry.

Understanding that a number of issues for members are related to employment relations, the MBEA has a longstanding affiliation with the Australian Federation of Employers & Industries (AFEI).

The AFEI is a prominent and well-regarded employer body, which has supported the interests of employers for many decades.

One of the important roles of the AFEI is as an industrial advocate, representing the interest of employers on matters such as Awards and industrial legislation. Through its affiliation with the AFEI, the Association is able to ensure that there is a mechanism to provide feedback on specific concerns for members.

This is also reflected in the Industrial reports which are provided quarterly to members. These reports are specifically tailored to provide a comprehensive update on the recent developments that will impact on employers in the Mutual Banking Industry.