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 Available with no charge for members:

The following services are available to members of the Association through its affiliation with the AFEI:

  • Industrial Updates – these are circulars prepared by the specialist consultants at AFEI to update members on recent or upcoming issues pertaining to specific awards or on general Industrial Relations matters.
  • Award information – notification of changes to awards, including annual wage increase decisions.
  • Award representation – making submissions and arguments to the commission which represent the interests of employers in relation to awards.
  • AFEI Hotline – phone support for employers on issues related to awards and other legislation.  Please refer to the below specific information on the AFEI Hotline.
  • AFEI briefing sessions - the AFEI coordinates meetings for the members on topics of special interest as required.
  • MBEA Webinars - the Association sponsors a series of Webinars from AFEI Legal on key topics of interest to Employers.
  • Salary advice