Benefits of Membership:

For more than 40 years, the MBEA (formerly known as the ACUEA) has provided members with a forum to raise and discuss issues of common concern to our particular industry.

Understanding that a number of issues for members are related to employment relations, the MBEA has a longstanding affiliation with the Australian Federation of Employers & Industries (AFEI).

The AFEI is a prominent and well-regarded employer body, which has supported the interests of employers for many decades.

One of the important roles of the AFEI is as an industrial advocate, representing the interest of employers on matters such as Awards and industrial legislation. Through its affiliation with the AFEI, the Association is able to ensure that there is a mechanism to provide feedback on specific concerns for members.

This is also reflected in the Industrial reports which are provided quarterly to members. These reports are specifically tailored to provide a comprehensive update on the recent developments that will impact on employers in the Mutual Banking Industry.

 Available with no charge for members:

The following services are available to members of the Association through its affiliation with the AFEI:

  • Industrial Updates – these are circulars prepared by the specialist consultants at AFEI to update members on recent or upcoming issues pertaining to specific awards or on general Industrial Relations matters.
  • Award information – notification of changes to awards, including annual wage increase decisions.
  • Award representation – making submissions and arguments to the commission which represent the interests of employers in relation to awards.
  • AFEI Hotline – phone support for employers on issues related to awards and other legislation.  Please refer to the below specific information on the AFEI Hotline.
  • AFEI briefing sessions - the AFEI coordinates meetings for the members on topics of special interest as required.
  • MBEA Webinars - the Association sponsors a series of Webinars from AFEI Legal on key topics of interest to Employers.
  • Salary advice

The AFEI also supports MBEA members in the following areas for a reduced rate:

  • Legal advice and representation
  • Consulting services
  • Training courses
  • CEO Contract Agreements.

AFEI Legal

AFEI Legal is a boutique law firm providing workplace legal services to employers.  AFEI Legal is affiliated with AFEI and serves both AFEI members, MBEA members and non-members.

AFEI Legal fees are very competitive.  As a benefit of AFEI membership, fees are discounted for members.

Contact AFEI Legal if your business has need of legal assistance with any of the following:

  • Representation before courts and industrial tribunals
  • Workplace policies and procedures
  • Workplace investigations
  • Employment restraints and confidentiality of information
  • Discrimination and harassment claims
  • Industrial action
  • Enterprise agreements and collective bargaining
  • Fair Work Act actions e.g. unfair dismissal, general protections, disputes
  • Employment contracts
  • Independent contracting arrangements
  • Termination of employment including termination for redundancy, conduct or capacity
  • Workplace training
  • Rights of entry e.g. unions, workplace inspectors
  • Employment obligations on business transfer
  • Work health and safety.

AFEI Legal can be contacted on 02 8088 4999 or PO Box A2222, Sydney South  NSW  1235.

 The AFEI Hotline

As a valued Member of MBEA the AFEI Hotline would be available to you and is a major element of your subscription.

What is the AFEI Hotline:  The Hotline is a member only service to provide specific employer advice on employment issues in your workplace.

Why use the Hotline:  Do you have a question on wage rates, awards, complying with employment regulations, WHS/OHS, workers’ compensation, EEO, bullying, compliance or other workplace matters?

Received demands from the Fair Work Ombudsman or an employee’s union or solicitor about a work related matter?

Been notified by the Fair Work Commission that a former employee is claiming their dismissal or redundancy is harsh, unreasonable or unfair?

AFEI’s experienced Hotline experts assist MBEA members resolve problems without the need to consult with an external advisor or solicitor – saving thousands in fees and costs.

Remembers – use of the AFEI Hotline is at no additional cost to you – it is a pre-paid feature of your MBEA subscription.

Other assistance provided by the AFEI Hotline includes:

  • Employment contracts and your employees’ employment conditions
  • Managing workplace issues including performance and discipline
  • Legal obligations under employment laws
  • Award entitlements and obligations
  • Discrimination and bullying complaints
  • Employment policies
  • Termination of employment
  • Workers’ compensation issues
  • Work health and safety compliance
  • Redundancy obligations.

How AFEI provide advice. 

The AFEI Hotline allows MBEA members unlimited contact with their expert Advisers.

Call them on:  (02) 9264 2000 to receive telephone advice.

Email your questions to them on:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to receive telephone advice.

Hotline Advisers can also arrange for MBEA members to receive written advice, representation and other consulting services provided by AFEI consultants as well as legal advice provided by the solicitors in the AFEI Legal team at special discounted MBEA rates.